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☆ free shipping over $50 use code NANI ☆
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  1. tape measurer (make sure it's the thin, flimsy kind)
  2. tape, pen & ruler
  3. size guide (you can purchase that here!)

^purchasing a size guide will ensure the perfect fit, but the other methods of measuring your nails will be on my instagram (@nani.cure) story highlights!

*sizes might vary between the medium and long length nails, so make sure you measure accordingly!

**all sets are handmade, so I cannot be held responsible for a customer ordering the wrong size. however, I'm not the devil, so shoot me a dm or email if you have any concerns or issues!

***if you order custom sizes, please include the number sizes (0-9) and not the measurements in note to seller!



  1. wash & dry hands
  2. gently push back cuticles using wooden stick
  3. cut nails & file down length of nails using blue file
  4. buff surfaces of all nails using blue buffing block to get rid of natural shine
  5. wipe down nails with alcohol wipe
  6. try on all nails to see if they fit; file using blue file if it's too big
  7. apply generous amount of glue in center of nail; using glue nozzle, spread the glue to the edges of the nail
  8. place nail at a 45 degree angle starting at the cuticle, then push down the rest of the nail & hold for 10-15 seconds
  9. avoid washing hands for 1 hour after application to ensure dry glue

*for adhesive tabs, do same steps 1-6 and then apply tabs onto prepped fingernails. take off plastic film, place nail, apply pressure for 10 -15 seconds, and avoid water for at least an hour after application!

**prepping your nails is key for longer wear; the better you prep, the longer your nails will stay on!



  1. soak nails in hot water and soap
  2. gently pry off with cuticle stick or another nail

*or you can use cuticle oil!



don't worry sis, happens to me all the time. I always keep nail glue or adhesive tabs in my bag for emergencies outside of home. just reapply some glue and make sure they're really on there when you get back home!



processing orders of ready made xs-m size sets will take up to 3 days.

processing all custom orders will take up to 1 week.

*this is all before shipping!



unfortunately, due to sanitary reasons, I will not be accepting returns. there will also be no cancellations as once your order goes through, it's being processed.



I'm currently only shipping in the US! but hopefully I will expand~ 



none of the sets really your style? I'll be accepting a certain amount of custom orders each release! we can work together on creating the perfect set for you :-)

check my instagram (@nani.cure) bio to see if I'm currently accepting custom orders!



reach me fastest: instagram @nani.cure

email: nanicure420@gmail.com 

*don't forget to tag me in your nailfies on ig!!